Panorama Welcomes Sarah Glover

The Panorama Education team is thrilled to welcome Sarah Glover, Outreach Director. Sarah joins Panorama as an experienced education leader. In recent years, Sarah led the Strategic Data Project (SDP) and Strategic Partnerships at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Before she joined Harvard University, Sarah served one term on the school board of Bozeman Public Schools in Montana.

Recently, I asked Sarah a few questions about what brought her to Panorama and the work she is excited to do as part of our growing team.

Sarah Glover joins Panorama Education as Outreach Director

What brought you to Panorama?

Schools and districts have an opportunity to collect and use information in ways that dramatically improve student results. I am excited about Panorama’s strategy of using high-quality surveys of students, teachers, parents, and others to gather information that will help school leaders, educators, and communities make better decisions on behalf of kids.

What will be your areas of focus?

At Panorama, I will focus in two areas: growing the number of our district partners and working with our partners to ensure our process is excellent and that we generate actionable information for school and district leaders.

What do you find interesting and compelling about working with school leaders and educators?

I have worked with school district leaders for almost twenty years. I have tremendous respect for the people who lead schools and school systems, and love working, learning, and problem-solving with them. One of the great things Panorama brings to school and district partners is a well-designed survey instrument with scales that have been field-tested and validated. This greatly increases the quality of information people get about their schools and what their students, teachers, and parents are experiencing.

You haven’t always lived in Boston. Tell us a little about where your life and career have taken you.

I grew up in Atlanta, and moved to Boston to go to Tufts University for undergrad.  Then, I took a long tour, mostly of the western US living in Colorado, Texas, and Montana.  I moved back to Boston five years ago, and love being back on the East Coast.  My daughter is in our wonderful neighborhood school…and it is quite nice to be close to the ocean after all those years in gorgeous mountainous (but landlocked!) country.  I get back out west as much as possible, which, of course, is not nearly enough!

Welcome, Sarah!



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