Social-Emotional Learning

3 Keys to Success for Measuring Social Emotional Learning

Today, there’s tremendous interest in measuring social emotional learning (SEL) and using that feedback data to drive school and district-wide improvements. Schools nationwide are using SEL curricula and crafting exciting programs to develop students’ SEL skills, including grit, sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and growth mindset. Educators know that these are the skills and traits that really matter for life and school outcomes—and that help students arrive at school every day feeling excited to learn.

The next step is to measure social emotional learning. What’s working to help students increase their confidence, engagement, and excitement about learning? Where are the areas of greatest need for social-emotional learning? To get started measuring SEL, here are three critical factors for success.

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A Teacher’s View of Social Emotional Learning

Elizabeth Loehr (Professional Services Lead) taught for five years at the Kelly School in Chelsea, MA, a diverse, urban public school. Since leaving the classroom, she’s helped to support hundreds of schools in collecting data about about students’ social-emotional learning (SEL). She shares with us why SEL mattered so much to her as a classroom teacher — and why she’s excited about Panorama’s new social emotional learning survey.

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