“Survey Says”: Research-Driven Survey Design

Earlier this fall, we announced that Dr. Hunter Gehlbach joins Panorama Education as Director of Research. Hunter joins Panorama to focus on field experiments and scale development research to inform the design of Panorama’s surveys.

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How Similarities Could Improve Teacher-Student Relationships

For middle and high school students, teacher-student relationships lie at the center of their educational experience. If you think back to your own educational experiences, this idea is rather intuitive; it’s unlikely that you can recall specific questions from a test or even your final grade in a class, but you may always remember the personal connections you made with a favorite teacher.

We know from Panorama’s student surveys how students view their relationships with teachers. Such positive relationships can lead to better educational outcomes for adolescent students. But how can we improve teacher-student relationships in the classroom?

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Welcoming Harvard Professor Dr. Hunter Gehlbach to Panorama Education as Director of Research

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Hunter Gehlbach from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to the Panorama Education team. A leading educational psychologist, Dr. Gehlbach will lead Panorama’s survey design work while fostering best practices in survey methodology and measurement for the education community.

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Panorama Education and Harvard Graduate School of Education Researchers Release New, Open Source Survey for School Districts

Over the past year, Harvard Graduate School of Education researchers and Panorama Education have been collaborating to develop a best-in-class, valid, and reliable survey tool to help educators collect feedback from students. Today, I’m tremendously excited to announce that we’re releasing the Panorama Student Survey, version 1.0. We’re providing this survey as a free, open source resource for educators everywhere.

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