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How Do You Define a “Peer” School?

Last year, we introduced Panorama’s Benchmarks to add greater context to your perception data. Today, we’re excited to launch a key addition to this feature: Peer Benchmarks.

With Peer Benchmarks, you can interact with our national dataset to make relevant comparisons that reflect your school’s context. By selecting from several school-level characteristics, such as urban middle schools with high percentage of students receiving free and reduced priced lunch, the benchmarks distribution graph will instantly adjust to display survey results from schools that reflect these criteria.

As this feature has been several months in the making, we wanted to share our lessons learned from the analytics and design process that created Peer Benchmarks.

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New Typeface Makes Surveys More Accessible

The accessibility of Panorama’s surveys is an essential part of collecting accurate data for educators. I’m on the design team at Panorama, and recently we changed the typeface in our print and online surveys to improve readability. We switched to a new font called Castledown that’s designed especially for young readers and meant to be dyslexia-friendly. We are excited to share more about what makes a font more accessible to young readers, and about the design process at Panorama.

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panorama surveys

Introducing Benchmarks for Panorama Surveys

Over the last two years, more than 450,000 students, family members, and teachers have used Panorama surveys to provide feedback on their experiences in classrooms and schools. Today, we’re excited to announce Benchmarks, a new analytics tool available in our reports.

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Promoting Accessibility for All Panorama Users

Capturing the opinions and experiences of everyone in school and district communities is at the heart of what we do. Hearing all voices is a critical part of building the inclusive cultures of giving and getting feedback that promote real school and district change. As part of our commitment to making sure that everyone (parents, students, and faculty and staff) has the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions — and that the feedback schools and districts collect is truly reflective of the diverse experiences in their communities — we are excited to announce that we have optimized our platform to support accessible survey-taking.

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Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning

In recent years, we’ve been excited to see schools emphasizing social-emotional learning (SEL) — the mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career, and life. From Growth Mindset to Sense of Belonging to Self-Management, SEL plays a critical role in student achievement. And, as I think most of you would agree, social-emotional skills are essential in their own right, as we work hard to develop students as individuals and as learners.

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Panorama Student Survey Available in Eight Languages

Panorama is delighted to announce that the Panorama Student Survey is now available in eight languages. This student survey instrument can be used on Panorama’s survey platform and can be downloaded as a free resource in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

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