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Panorama’s Summer Reading List

Team Panorama loves to read, and the summer is when we finally get to make inroads on our reading lists. Before we go into what we’re reading individually that’s fun, fluffy, or profound, we wanted to share something about our reading practices as a company.

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Grandpa Mel and the Meaning of Education

This month, the Los Angeles Times profiled Mel Feuer, my grandfather and a lifelong educator, who at 92 still volunteers as a teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District. I wanted to offer my own thoughts and reflections on what Grandpa Mel taught me about the meaning of education. 

Some of my favorite (and most important) childhood moments happened during Community Circle, a special program at Castle Heights Elementary. Every week, “Mr. Mel” came in to lead a session about — I don’t know how else to describe it — being a good human being.

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EdTech Trend: Purchasing Decentralization

Recently, my colleague Sarah Glover published an article in EdTech Times on the trend of purchasing decentralization in education and EdTech. In “Shifting Toward Decentralized Decisions About Technology for Schools,” Sarah discusses the reasons that technology purchasing is increasingly done at the school- and user-level and the implications for EdTech.

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Panorama Welcomes Sarah Glover

The Panorama Education team is thrilled to welcome Sarah Glover, Outreach Director. Sarah joins Panorama as an experienced education leader. In recent years, Sarah led the Strategic Data Project (SDP) and Strategic Partnerships at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Before she joined Harvard University, Sarah served one term on the school board of Bozeman Public Schools in Montana.

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