Client Stories

Convocation 2015 at Malden Public Schools

Two members of the Panorama team were thrilled to accept the invitation of Superintendent David DeRuosi to attend Convocation 2015 at Malden Public Schools. Irene Chen and Elizabeth Loehr share their impressions of what made Convocation in Malden an energizing, effective welcome back event for teacher and staff.

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Case Study: Engaging Teachers to Build Trust

While students enjoyed summer vacation in Millbury, Massachusetts, district administrators Gregory Myers and Jennifer Bellville reflected on engaging teachers and evaluators around collecting feedback from students last year. Greg and Jenn discuss with Panorama how they worked with the teachers on the district’s Educator Evaluation Committee to make key decisions and to champion the survey project across the district.

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Case Study: Boosting Survey Response Rates

This spring, New Bedford Public Schools in Massachusetts achieved an exciting benchmark: the district tripled its community survey response rate compared to last year. I worked with New Bedford Public Schools to structure and administer its survey program this year. Since many schools and districts I work with are interested in strategies that have proven successful in boosting participation rates among staff, students, and, especially, families, I want to share a few of the approaches that worked well in New Bedford.

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Giving Teachers Actionable Data in Chandler

Matt Strom, Executive Director of Research and Assessment for the Chandler Unified School District, a district of 40,000 students in Chandler, AZ, talks to Panorama about how his district structures its student survey program to give teachers actionable data about their students and classrooms. Teachers in Chandler see their survey reports first and take time to reflect on their results. Principals see classroom-level reports later on.

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Surveys Support Teaching and Learning in Farmington

Farmington Public Schools in central Connecticut collects feedback from students, teachers and staff, and families and uses this 360 survey data to improve teaching and learning across the district. We recently caught up with Kimberly Wynne, Assistant Superintendent, to chat about the impact of feedback data in Farmington’s schools.

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Surveys to Support Student-Centered Learning

Closer to Montreal than to New York or Boston, Franklin West Supervisory Union (FWSU) is a rural school district in northern Vermont focused on student-centered learning and cultivating a global imagination in every student. Superintendent Ned Kirsch and his colleagues contribute to national conversations about technologies that fuel and empower student-centered learning and professional development.

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