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What Does Grit Mean to Fourth Graders?

At Carolina Voyager Charter School, a K-4 school in Charleston, South Carolina, grit was the theme of the month in October. Even after October, students at Carolina Voyager are still excited to talk about grit. We asked students what focusing on grit means for them, for their peers, and their school. One fourth-grade student shared, “To me, grit means never give up, never be distracted from your goals, and stay focused.”

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Mindset Man Shares Growth Mindset Message

“Superhero Mindset Man Sparks Enthusiasm for Growth Mindset” by Michael Wilson was originally published on Getting Smart. Assistant Principal Wilson, from West Woods Upper Elementary School in Farmington, CT, shares the story of Mindset Man, a character who inspires students to learn from mistakes and to keep working even when learning feels hard. Watch the video about growth mindset at Farmington Public Schools to hear students talk about what it means in their learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators to embrace growth mindset.

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student surveys for classroom change

Using Student Surveys to Make Real Classroom Changes

Bringing student voice and ideas into the classroom through surveys can lead to positive improvements for both students and teachers. Brandy Cooper, a 6th grade teacher at Milford Central Academy in Delaware, recently shared her experience using the Panorama Student Survey and highlighted the new strategies she’s implementing in her classroom to keep students focused and help them form better connections with the class material—all as a result of what she learned from her student feedback!

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Students Share How Student Voice Counts

Student voice is a powerful force, shaping school climate and helping schools improve. This spring, Panorama launched Student Voice Counts to celebrate the students, teachers, principals, district administrators, and other educators working to make student’s perspectives and experiences matter in classrooms and schools. Listen to a few of these students talk about the importance of student feedback and activism in their schools.

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District Leaders Share How to Build Social Emotional Learning Programs From the Ground Up

Social-emotional learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept; in recent years, school and district leaders have made moves to build social emotional learning programs that work best for their unique communities.

Recently, Panorama sat down with with Mindy Weidman, Chief Accountability Officer at BRICK Academy in Newark, New Jersey, and Rob Stein, Chief Academic Officer and incoming Superintendent at the Roaring Fork School District in Colorado. Rob and Mindy discussed how their schools have developed social emotional learning programs to fit the needs of their students and stakeholders. They also shared thoughts on the future of social-emotional learning, and why they feel it matters so much in their communities.

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Use Feedback Data to Make Entry Plans

In Bellingham, Washington, all school or district administrators accepting new positions create entry plans. For some of them, a core component of that entry plan is looking at feedback data Panorama gathered from the students, families, and staff in their new school or from the district at large. The feedback data, which was collected to align with the district’s strategic plan, the Bellingham Promise, have been an important way for administrators to learn about the needs and priorities of the community they’re joining.

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