Introducing the Panorama Teacher Survey

As the school year comes to a close, school and district administrators are interested in gathering feedback from their teachers. Today, we are announcing the release of Panorama’s latest survey, the Panorama Teacher Survey, to support the important process of collecting feedback and engaging teachers. To make sure as many schools as possible can gather feedback from teachers at the end of the school year, using Panorama to customize and administer the Panorama Teacher Survey and receive survey reports is entirely free this spring.

Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and the Panorama team developed the Panorama Teacher Survey as a tool to engage teachers in topics related to school climate, school leadership, and teachers’ professional development. The Panorama Teacher Survey is completely customizable and can be used to measure and support conversations in up to 15 areas.

  • School Climate
  • School Leadership
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Professional Learning
  • Teachers’ Future Plans
  • 10 more key topic areas

On June 3, Hunter Gehlbach and Elizabeth Loehr will host a webinar on “Using the Panorama Teacher Survey.” During the session, Hunter and Elizabeth will discuss how the survey was developed using the latest best practices for education surveys and what differentiates the Panorama Teacher Survey from other surveys of teachers. They will also cover how to use Panorama’s online platform to quickly and easily bring the Panorama Teacher Survey to your school or district. We hope you can join us to learn more about the Panorama Teacher Survey.


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