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The Social Emotional Skill of Perspective Taking

Social-emotional learning shows real staying power in our schools and classrooms, and social emotional skills can be taught. One core social emotional skill is social perspective taking, the capacity to make sense of others’ thoughts and feelings.

These are the straightforward messages of Dr. Hunter Gehlbach’s article, “Learning to Walk in Another’s Shoes,” recently published in Phi Delta Kappan and profiled in the Marshall MemoIn the article, Professor Gehlbach (University of California, Santa Barbara and Director of Research at Panorama Education) outlines three actionable priorities for teaching students the social emotional skill of social perspective taking.

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Mindset Man Shares Growth Mindset Message

“Superhero Mindset Man Sparks Enthusiasm for Growth Mindset” by Michael Wilson was originally published on Getting Smart. Assistant Principal Wilson, from West Woods Upper Elementary School in Farmington, CT, shares the story of Mindset Man, a character who inspires students to learn from mistakes and to keep working even when learning feels hard. Watch the video about growth mindset at Farmington Public Schools to hear students talk about what it means in their learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators to embrace growth mindset.

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Students Share How Student Voice Counts

Student voice is a powerful force, shaping school climate and helping schools improve. This spring, Panorama launched Student Voice Counts to celebrate the students, teachers, principals, district administrators, and other educators working to make student’s perspectives and experiences matter in classrooms and schools. Listen to a few of these students talk about the importance of student feedback and activism in their schools.

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4 Keys for Effective Community Surveys

Community feedback represents a key source of information for superintendents and school board members to guide decision-making. Collecting this critical feedback can take many forms: focus groups, town hall meetings, and surveys. In this post, we’ll detail how districts can use community surveys to capture high-quality feedback from community stakeholders with a handful of best practices.

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Promoting Accessibility for All Panorama Users

Capturing the opinions and experiences of everyone in school and district communities is at the heart of what we do. Hearing all voices is a critical part of building the inclusive cultures of giving and getting feedback that promote real school and district change. As part of our commitment to making sure that everyone (parents, students, and faculty and staff) has the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions — and that the feedback schools and districts collect is truly reflective of the diverse experiences in their communities — we are excited to announce that we have optimized our platform to support accessible survey-taking.

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Panorama Student Survey Available in Eight Languages

Panorama is delighted to announce that the Panorama Student Survey is now available in eight languages. This student survey instrument can be used on Panorama’s survey platform and can be downloaded as a free resource in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

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