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Surveys to Support Student-Centered Learning

Closer to Montreal than to New York or Boston, Franklin West Supervisory Union (FWSU) is a rural school district in northern Vermont focused on student-centered learning and cultivating a global imagination in every student. Superintendent Ned Kirsch and his colleagues contribute to national conversations about technologies that fuel and empower student-centered learning and professional development.

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Student and Staff Feedback in Massachusetts

As a Boston-based company, it is a source of significant hometown pride that we work with over 30 districts in Massachusetts to gather and analyze student, staff, and family feedback. We partner with districts across the Commonwealth to develop strategies for incorporating feedback data into professional growth and school and district planning. 

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Twitter 201: Advanced Tips for Educators

Educators have embraced Twitter over the past several years as a social media platform for engaging with the latest information and debates and with colleagues across the country and around the world. Now, educators are ready to take their Twitter engagement to the next level.

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EdTech Trend: Purchasing Decentralization

Recently, my colleague Sarah Glover published an article in EdTech Times on the trend of purchasing decentralization in education and EdTech. In “Shifting Toward Decentralized Decisions About Technology for Schools,” Sarah discusses the reasons that technology purchasing is increasingly done at the school- and user-level and the implications for EdTech.

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Student Leaders Advocate for Feedback

Student leaders and organizers in our community produced a video advocating for student feedback and articulating the power of feedback for improving the classroom for students and teachers alike. “What Every Student Wants Their Teacher to Know” is produced by Youth on Board (YOB) and the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC), which is a group of students from Boston Public Schools. 

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Engaging Parents About Feedback Surveys

Productive partnerships between schools and their students’ parents and caregivers support student achievement and create a positive environment for the entire school community. Districts seeking opinions from parents on priorities, perceptions, opportunities, and challenges find that they need to be thoughtful about the ways they introduce and use feedback surveys to achieve robust response rates and gain actionable data from parents.

One of Panorama’s newest partners, Ukiah Unified School District (UUSD), is working with Panorama to survey parents in their school district, located in Mendocino County, California. They provide a fantastic example of how school administrators can take steps to improve feedback quality and response rates through early, proactive communications with the community. 

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