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Colorado Community Embraces SEL Reflections

In Grand Junction, Colorado, students will use SEL measures to reflect on their social-emotional development and skills. Local news channel KKCO covered plans at Mesa Valley School District 51 to measure more than academic achievement to better support students’ growth and needs. To learn more, KKCO visited the district to interview district administrators and parents about their motivations for asking students to reflect on their social-emotional learning.

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Introducing Students to Goal-Setting with WOOP

Teachers and counselors regularly help students set goals as an important way to make progress as a learner and to develop skills around working toward long-term objectives. Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, professor of psychology at NYU, and Character Lab have studied how when the WOOP goal-setting method is used with fidelity, it can improve students’ effort and outcomes. In a recent webinar, Character Lab and Panorama teamed up to present how school leaders and teachers can introduce students to WOOP.

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How Students Perceive Their Relationships with Teachers

The social connections between teachers and students are critical for success inside and outside of the classroom. Over the last year and a half, we’ve collected hundreds of thousands of student survey responses to questions about students’ relationships with their teachers. In this post, we present our first set of findings on teacher-student relationships. This analysis points to patterns in how students’ perceptions of their relationships with their teachers change across grade level, and how some exceptionally strong teachers manage to create and maintain strong bonds with their students.

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Roundtable on Social-Emotional Learning

School and district leaders are interested in building students’ social-emotional learning in ways that work best for their communities. Recently, Panorama hosted a roundtable discussion with Mindy Weidman, Chief Accountability Officer at BRICK Academy in Newark, New Jersey, and Rob Stein, Chief Academic Officer and incoming Superintendent at the Roaring Fork School District in Colorado. Rob and Mindy discussed how their schools have developed programs to focus on building students’ social-emotional skills. They also shared their thoughts on the future of social-emotional learning, and why they feel it matters so much in their communities.

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Celebrate Hardworking Students to Cultivate Grit

In the classroom, celebrating hard work and making progress toward long-term goals doesn’t need to take away from instructional time. Read a teacher’s perspective on infusing the classroom and the school with a focus on grit and pointing out students who work hard to create a positive learning environment. 

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Measuring Social-Emotional Learning

In Panorama’s work with schools and districts to collect, analyze, and use feedback from students, staff, and families, we have heard tremendous interest in measuring social-emotional learning (SEL). Every day, we hear about schools using SEL curriculum and crafting exciting school-wide initiatives and programs to develop students’ grit, sense of safety, self-efficacy, and growth mindset. The next step is to measure social-emotional learning to assess what’s working to help students increase their confidence, engagement, and excitement about learning. Here are three critical factors for success in measuring SEL.

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