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Panorama Education’s 2014 Year In Review

It’s that time of year! With over 6,000 schools across the US and abroad (more on this later) using our surveys and data analytics tools, we have just wrapped up a remarkable year at Panorama Education. But before turning the page to 2015, we’ve spent some time highlighting a few of the many accomplishments, milestones, and new faces that 2014 brought to Panorama.

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How Do Students and Parents Perceive School Safety?

In recent years, bullying and violence have been at the forefront of media coverage on school safety. Yet for the vast majority of our nation’s schools, the learning environment is likely very safe. Creating safe schools is becoming especially important, as a growing body of research underscores that students learn better when they feel safe.

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Recap: Panorama Education Hackathon 2014

Just last week, our team completed the very first, company-wide Panorama Hackathon! For 24 consecutive hours, we coded, designed, tweeted and presented entirely new product ideas. The goal of the Panorama Hackathon was simple: to spend a day in small groups, actively creating new (and fun!) projects that could become actual features used by educators.

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