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Lakes Community High

How Lakes Community High School Uses Panorama to Provide Proactive Student Support

This is a guest blog post by Eric Born, a school psychologist at Lakes Community High School in Lake Villa, Illinois. Eric received his degree as a specialist in school psychology from Western Illinois University.

As a school psychologist, I’m always looking for better ways to proactively support students. We serve over 1,400 students at Lakes Community High School (Lake Villa, Illinois), driven by a district-wide mission to “ignite passion and discovery in every student.”

While our team has made great progress since LCHS opened in 2004, over the past two years we’ve embarked on an especially exciting journey to rethink student success. Our efforts have centered on an important question:

How can we use data to recognize and support the needs of the whole student?

Here’s how we revamped the way we support students to provide LCHS educators and staff with rich, actionable information on every student.

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Helping Students Succeed, In High School and Beyond

Panorama engineers Geoffrey Litt and Sagar Jauhari and designer Roger Zhu partnered with Lucy Arthur-Paratley of Citizen Schools in Boston to design an app for eighth graders to help them choose a high school that is right for them. Lucy shares her thoughts about designing the app — “Lucky 8” — and why she’s hopeful that is helping students succeed in high school and after. 

“Why do you want to go to that high school?,” I ask my eighth graders each fall. Here in Boston, applying to high school is akin to the college application process, so getting a list of schools nailed down early makes a big difference in helping students succeed in the process. In the fall of 2014, the most common answers to my question were focused on proximity to their home, a shrug of “my cousin goes there,” or some vague notion that it would prepare them for college. This fall, the answers were different.  

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Guest: A Chance to Collaborate, Learn About our Class, and Set Goals for the Future

Margaret Cieply, a third grade teacher in Colorado, used the Panorama Student Survey to elicit feedback from her students. Reading Mrs. Cieply’s reflections on integrating feedback into her classroom thrilled all of us at Panorama, and we were particularly impressed with how Mrs. Cieply used the survey results as a conversation-starter and math lesson with her students. Mrs. Cieply’s blog post is an example of how asking small groups of students for feedback can be transformative. We thank her for inviting us to share her blog post with you here!

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