New Leadership View Announced in Wired

Today, Wired profiled Panorama Education’s new Leadership View in the series “The Next Big Thing You Missed.” Around 300 of the 6,500 schools we work with have used the Leadership View while we developed it. We are thrilled to announce that all of our districts and schools are using the new Leadership View.

The new Leadership View enables school leaders to see data across many schools and topics at a glance using a heat map view. This consolidated view of data makes trends and areas for improvement easy to spot and track. The aspiration of the Leadership View is to put meaningful, actionable data in the hands of school administrators that go beyond test scores and attendance data. As Issie Lapwosky explains in the Wired article:

The goal of all of Panorama’s work is to help schools understand the underlying reasons for their biggest problems. It’s one thing to know that attendance is down. It’s another for Panorama to tell a school that one fifth of their students don’t think anyone would notice if they didn’t show up for school.

The vice principal of Windsor High School in Windsor, Connecticut, Christopher Rau, has used Panorama’s Leadership View to understand the areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement in his school. He shared, “It lets us easily spot the trends across the board or broken down by department or category. It instantly brought my eyes to where we were exceptionally strong or areas where we need improvement.”

Leadership View Image

Panorama’s New Leadership View Heat Map


We thank our partners in schools across the country who gave us early feedback on the Leadership View. If you are interested in learning more about how you could use the data for setting and measuring goals and understanding trends in your school or district, please email us We would be happy to chat!


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